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Named as a new breeze in the world of wine, Chilean wine has grown like a hurricane, quickly becoming a popular wine brand for diners. According to many experts, the wine in this country is not inferior to the wines in the Old World.

Throughout the history of Chilean wines

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The birth of Chilean wine officially began in the 1800s. When settlers migrated from Europe with the introduction of wine grape varieties into the country. It is because of this event that the grape varieties in Chile are more diverse and richer. The wine bottles produced at that time were mainly consumed and used by the people here. The number of Chilean wines exported abroad is very small.

Towards the end of the 80s, seeing the strong growth of the wine market along with the awareness of promoting export that wine producers focused on wine development. The development and research from grape cultivation methods, harvesting to winemaking processes have been focused. Thanks to that, it has contributed to the strong development of the attractive flavors of this Chilean wine.

Experiencing the course of historical time with the fierce fluctuations of the wine market. Although there has been a time when it lost its position, until now, Chile has affirmed the quality of its wine. Become one of the top 10 wine producing countries in the world.

Interesting characteristics that make wine so popular

As a country with diverse natural climate conditions, many grape varieties, and a focus on research, development and winemaking methods. Chile has produced a series of wines with exceptionally rich flavors. From bold red wines that are comparable to the famous Bordeaux, France wines. From bottles of fine champagne, suitable for festive seasons or celebratory parties. Or even glasses of white wine with a pure, delicate and fresh taste.

A highlight that Chilean wine brings to users is the time of enjoyment. Unlike normal wines, it takes a long time to mature before it can be used. Wine in Chile can be used within the year of production. The anxiety when using young wine will completely disappear with the taste of Chilean wine. Diners will receive a perfect wine experience, not harsh as well as delicious taste as usual.

Chilean Wine Grading

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Just like wine has countries in the world, Chilean wine is also divided into different ranks. Includes 6 standard levels:

Level 1: Varietal or Estate or Classico

This ranking is the lowest level in the Chilean wine hierarchy. The wines here are all young, medium quality wines. The aging period will also be relatively short, around 3-6 months. At the same time, these types of vnag will not usually be soaked in containers. Which will be enjoyed in the first year or maybe up to the second year after bottling the finished product. If stored in the right environment and conditions, the shelf life of this wine can be extended up to 2 years.

Level 2: Selection

The quality of wine at this rank will be higher than that of level 1. The bottles of wine here will be

not aged or only aged in oak barrels for 3-6 months. Thanks to that, the quality of Selection wine is significantly improved. The taste of the wine becomes more intense, the taste more attractive and attractive. And at the same time, the price of wine will also be slightly higher than grade 1. The shelf life of a Selection grade wine will be about 1 month if stored in standard conditions.

Level 3: Reserva

From the third wine classification onwards, wines from Chile are of relatively good quality. Reserva wines are aged in oak barrels for 6-8 months. Then continue to keep the wine in the bottle for another 6 months before it is officially released to the market. This makes the wine taste fuller and richer. At the same time, the shelf life will also increase to 4 years of use.

Level 4: Gran Reserva

In this wine classification, Chilean wines have met the criteria for wine grape varieties and growing time, grape harvest and grape growing method. As a result, the wine produced is greatly improved in terms of quality. Gran Reserva wines will usually be aged in oak barrels for 12-18 months. Continue to proceed further in the bottle for 1-2 years. This long aging process has created wines with excellent, perfect flavors. Wine warranties can last from 4 to 8 years.

Level 5: Wine Maker

There are many winemakers that usually only make wines that stop at level 4 Gran Reserva. However, it must be said that the higher the ranking, the more confirmed the quality of the wine. From the raw materials for making wine, the method of harvesting and the aging process will need to meet certain standards. For example, about the region of grapes harvested to make wine, the quality of selected grapes…

This Wine Maker rating is also aged in oak barrels for the same or more than a few months compared to Grade 4. The shelf life of this premium wine is 8 years.

Level 6: Icon Wines

The highest level in the Chilean wine classification is Icon Wines. Only certain seasons of the year and certain wineries can fully meet the strict requirements of the classification. From the finest grapes, to the aging vines, to the winemaking process. All must best meet all the requirements of the classification.

A special feature in this wine category is that Icon Wines bottles will often blend from 2 to 4 grape varieties to make wine. This is a unique feature that makes the wine taste more distinctive and attractive. Ageing in oak barrels is 18-24 months. And continue to incubate in bottles for 24 – 30 months before being sold on the market.

Above are detailed information about Chilean wines. Hope it will help you get more useful information for yourself. And if you are in need of learning and owning this fine gold line. Please contact us for True Wine offline.


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