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What is red wine?

Red wine in the simplest sense: made from red or black grapes, the color of the wine depends on the grape skins and how long the skins are in contact with the grape juice when they are soaked together. According to statistics, in the world today hundreds of types of red wine (red grape wine) from high-end to cheap red wine.

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The big players in the red wine industry must include: Italy, France, and Spain. Developing in parallel are the wine-producing countries of the new world, red wine production is no less competitive, such as the US, China, Australia, Chile …. stands out for its top annual red wine sales in the world.

What factors determine the flavor and structure of red wine?

Grape variety – The determining factor for the deliciousness

When it comes to red wine, people in the industry often immediately remember this noble grape variety. With a variety of scents: Violet, blueberry, earthy, black olive, coffee. The most interesting is when the 3 grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc blend the essentials together to produce premium, delicious wines.


Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety

This grape variety proves to be suitable for natural conditions, soils in the Napa valley and many parts of the world, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes ripen late and do not bring many outstanding values, so most are used for blending to make Soft, rich tannins in it.

However, this blend “accidentally” creates unique red wine bottles that have become a cult wine phenomenon. Own scent: pepper, green olive, herbs, black cherry …

Grape variety Merlot

Merlot grapes are grown in many areas of Bordeaux. The character of this grape variety is quite similar to Cabernet Sauvignon but softer, less tannin and more mature. According to different proportions to make different Bordeaux wines.

If Cabernet Sauvignon is like a strong, strong, stable man in all circumstances, then Merlot is like a lovely woman, a little plump but extremely attractive.

Seemingly too famous, when it comes to the name of a wine lover, one can read the typical flavors of: Watermelon, strawberry, cherry, plum. It is no exaggeration to say that the wines made from this grape variety make people enjoy it easily because it brings a pleasant feeling and indescribable flexibility.

Merlot grapes are truly prized, especially in the states of Washington, where the grapes ripen beautifully and produce full-bodied flavors.

Grape variety Gamay

Has typical flavors of strawberry, raspberry, cherry. Wines made from Gamay grapes are often used to drink at a young age, this gives the tastebuds a clear feeling of brightness and new aromas, fruit-oriented flavors of strawberries, raspberries, and raspberries. , and sweet cherries.


By the creativity of talented winemakers, when blending Gamay grapes with some other grape varieties or compounds, it creates a delicious wine with light sparkling and a distinct aroma of bananas.

Grenache grape variety

Bring in the signature scent of: Spice, cherry. The preciousness of this grape variety has made a name for many of Spain’s and Australia’s largest red wines, as well as premium Chilean wines. Grapes are characterized by early ripening, low acidity, and these factors create fruity and spice flavors.


Grenache grape variety is often used to make red wine, grown mainly in France, Spain, Italy, USA and Australia. Wines with the appearance of red Grenach grapes are delicate and light in taste. The grape skin is quite desirable, ripe, and round, which is the determining factor for the flavor.

Malbec grape variety

This grape variety chooses for itself flavors of sour, spiced cherries. A precious grape variety of the Bordeaux region, Malbec is now also grown a lot in Argentina – the land where the spicy, sour taste in red wine is aged, lost when aging in new oak barrels.

According to many wine experts, compared to other grape varieties, Malbec is still a “small player”.

Grape variety Pinot Noir

This grape variety is a forgotten name in the international wine village. Pinot Noir is a grape variety that makes wines with a special structure that is easy to love and hate.

The most beautiful, most sensual, most demanding, and least predictable grape variety of all. It is a major ingredient in  champagne  and other premium wines.

Pinot Noir  is likened to a modern girl, delicate, gentler than  Cabernet Sauvignon,  with a lighter color and delicious sour taste. With thin and black skin, the grapes are clustered in clusters.

This grape variety usually prefers places with long spring and autumn. The transition months between spring and fall often cause Pinot Noir grapes to freeze or freeze, but with the effort, they can produce complex and interesting wines.

Syrah grape variety

Syrah has a thick, dark black skin color and rather smaller fruit than  Cabernet Sauvignon  or  Pinot Noir . This skin has a characteristic acrid taste, high tannin content, so wines made from Syrah grapes make long-aged wine bottles.

In the land of Syrah, Northern France is a cool climate. They have a passionate, sweet plum flavor of Vietnam, a little sweetness from chocolate, a bit spicy with green pepper…

Grape variety Primitivo

Primitivo clusters are usually small and have elongated, round berries. This grape has a delicate and rather thin skin, black skin color, and specializes in creating red wine products with rich color and flavor.

Wine products from Primitivo grapes usually have an alcohol content of about 16.17 degrees even up to 18.19 degrees and much higher tannin content than other grape varieties.

Technique and incubation time

  •  Grape juice

The bunches of grapes after harvesting will be washed, the stalks removed. Grapes that have been cleaned will be put into the pressing system to get all the juice in the grapes to the outside. This juice is then stored separately in a large tank and is called a quality grape juice.

  • Ferment 

In this stage, depending on the purpose of the producer wants to make the wine, the process is slightly changed. First quality water will be put into the fermentation tank and then transferred to the pressing system. If the temperature is from 7 to 12 degrees, the wine will have more grape and fruit flavors. But as long as the producer increases the temperature to 25-35 degrees, the wine will bring more floral flavor.


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