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When foreign wines were not yet popular in the Vietnamese market. We only know of wines such as: sole wine, banana-soaked wine, soaked in medicine or wine soaked from strawberries, cypress wine… Most Vietnamese cuisine is combined with the above wines. But when wine began to appear popular in Vietnam. It seems to blow a new wave of cuisine for Vietnamese people. Surely many people have not yet felt the uniqueness of combining foreign wines with Vietnamese cuisine. To help readers have a better view of this new breakthrough, please follow the article below!

In fact, there are many types of wines from many different countries. However, all wines can be classified into 5 main groups.


Red Wine Group

This is a wine line where all wines are made from red grape juice and fermented with the skin. Red wines have flavors ranging from acrid to slightly sweet and sweet. In red wine mainly contains ingredients such as: Tannin, pigment, …

White Wine Group

White wine  is made from grapes with yellow or green skins. Most white wines have a shorter fermentation time than red wines. That’s why white wine often has a lighter concentration and taste than red wine.

Rose Wine Group

These are wines that are also made from black and red grapes. Sometimes it is a blend of red and white wines. This wine also has flavors ranging from acrid to sweet.

Sparkling wine

This sparkling wine will be aerated inside before sealing the bottle cap. This type of wine is basically the same process as other wines. But more specifically, it is fermented a second time to create toothpick foam. It also has a lot of rich flavors.

Fruit Wine

It is said to be a fruit wine, but in fact, its composition cannot lack grapes. To enhance the flavor and create a specific taste, the wine is brewed with other tropical fruits such as pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, peach, apple …

Distinguishing foreign wines according to the sweetness of the wine

Each type of wine will have a different sweet taste. Acrid wine is a type of wine in the aging process that uses only one ingredient, grapes, without added sugar. This type of wine has only a slight sweetness due to the addition of fruit or acid components in the production process. As for sweet wines, sugar will be added to the ingredients during the aging process.

Distinguishing foreign wines by taste

Grape wines will taste different depending on the ingredients, year of production, time of grape harvest and place of production. However, grape wine is still divided into 3 main groups such as:

  • Tannin: A wine with a high tannin content when drinking will bring a dry feeling in the mouth.
  • Round: Although this type has less tannin, the acidity is also much more balanced, so this is the easiest wine to drink.
  • Spicy: This is a group of wines with relatively high acidity or alcohol content.

Grape Wine for Culinary

According to the concept of ancient wine experts, white wine is only suitable when used with seafood dishes. And red wine is suitable when used with red meat and poultry. In the past, this notion was not wrong. But as of now, it has changed a bit.

Our cuisine has now developed and appeared a combination and variation of many different dishes. Therefore, right at this time, when choosing wine to accompany the meal. What people care most about is balance and harmony.

Balance here means that the richness of the food is not lost by the richness of the wine. On the contrary, the taste of the food does not take away from the deliciousness of the wine.


Unique when combining foreign wines with Vietnamese cuisine

1. Red Wine

Red wine goes well with poultry and red meat dishes. It is the sweet taste mixed with a little bit of acrid but still has a rich flavor, spreading aroma…will enhance the taste of grilled meat dishes such as: grilled goat, grilled goose, roasted or grilled poultry…

In addition, foreign red wine is also suitable for both fatty and fleshy dishes. Therefore, drinking alcohol when eating foods with pate, casseroles or mushrooms is also great. In Vietnamese cuisine, red wine is often used with dishes such as beef jerky, beef jerky, grilled buffalo meat, roasted poultry…

It can be said that combining the aromatic, slightly spicy and rich spices typical of Vietnamese cuisine with foreign wines is a new breakthrough. You can feel the delicious taste of the dish mixed with the sweet, sour and slightly acrid taste of the wine. It is like an “invitation” that makes us feel more interested and delicious when dining.

For red grape wine, you can also combine it with other Vietnamese dishes such as: grilled chicken, Northwest kitchen buffalo, grilled pork with lemongrass, grilled beef with bamboo shoots, goat curry, deer stir-fried

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1. White Wine

In white wine, it often brings flavors of fresh fruits, floral aromas, sometimes mild but sometimes passionate and intense. White wine, if previously only suitable with seafood dishes, steamed fish. Now, in Vietnamese cuisine, it is also combined with other processing methods such as deep-frying, stir-frying, stewing…

White wine is combined by Vietnamese restaurants when using the same dishes as: Eel with lemongrass, fried birdfish, fried squid with onions and garlic, spring rolls, fried squid …

In addition, thanks to its light and aromatic concentration, White Wine is also drunk at the beginning of the party, at the beginning of the appetizer. Thanks to White Wine, the taste buds as well as the digestive system work better. It makes the meal more delicious and the spirit is also more excited and comfortable.


Which country’s foreign wines are most famous?

There are many countries in the world with a developed wine industry. And here are the countries with outstanding wine cultures.

1. French Wine

When it comes to the countries with the best wine in the world, France is indispensable. In France. The output of wine produced each year is 5-6 billion liters. To do that is thanks to the delicious grape varieties that France grows. In the vineyards to make wine in this country appear all famous grape varieties such as: Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc…

Each of these grape varieties will produce a delicious and distinctive wine flavor. French wines are divided into many different grades. The basic French wine grades are: Regular Wine, Regional Wine, Protected Wine and Premium Wine.

One point that surely few people notice is that people in France only drink ordinary wines. As for Premium Wine, Premium Wine will be exported around the world. French wines are often very bold, eye-catching colors and have a long shelf life.

2. Chilean Wine

This is a country named in the list of good wine producing countries in the world. Chilean wines are loved by many people. Chile is a place with favorable natural conditions, so it always produces excellent grapes, with a high percentage of sugar, ripe. Therefore, the quality of grape wine here is also highly appreciated.

Chilean wines  are smooth, rich and clear in color. The aroma of the wine cannot be faulted. It has a bit of acrid, sweet and long-lasting scent. Wines here can be enjoyed after several months of bottling without causing discomfort or loss of quality.

3. Italian Wine

If you have to answer the question of which foreign wine is famous in the world, Italy will be the correct answer. In this country there are more than 1 million vineyards with all famous grape varieties, for high yield and quality. Italian wine attracts consumers by its cool, delicious taste, like a strong fruity taste. Italian Wine brings a delicious taste that is hard to resist, it can be said that if you try it once, you will not be able to forget it.

4. Spanish Wine

A country that cannot be ignored when it comes to delicious wines is Spain. This place specializes in bringing delicious grape varieties with high yield and good quality. That is why wine in Spain is considered to have great taste and color. Each type of wine here has a unique flavor that is not found anywhere else.

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